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Glendora Cross Country,


I would like to start by updating everyone on current information provided by our administration. Given our current situation, we will start our summer camp training July 1st. Although we were asked to start on July 1st, that date could potentially change depending on what the circumstances are at the time. 


I would also like for everyone to understand that it is very important to continue training. I understand that everyone's current situations vary, so in the case that you cannot run, please continue doing core, band exercises, injury prevention, or use a stationary cardio machine at home. 


Lastly, I would like to talk about this summer’s Mammoth training camp. Myself and our administration have decided that it is in the best interest of this team to cancel this year’s trip. I understand how hard this might be for all of you. To all of our incoming seniors, please continue to work hard and stay strong as I know that this news may affect you the most. As a whole, we will continue to get through this and work together so that we may come back this season much stronger and fully prepared. 


Even though we are asked to remain in our homes with our families, that does not mean that we must remain completely isolated from our GHS cross country family members. Whether it’s over the phone, on various social media platforms, or in Zoom meetings, please continue to reach out to and work with one another. Above all, stay safe. Thank you.


-Brandon Ortiz

Registration is on the Summer Training Application.  Mammoth has been cancelled for Year 2020.

Please note, we are adhering to the state and local protocols.  - With the current pandemic we may need to adjust our summer training program. We will notify athletes and families if dates are adjusted.

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