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Blast Athletics is our main fundraiser for the 2020-2021 Cross Country Season. We are making our best effort to try this again! Sadly, we can to cancel our Blast meeting in December due to COVID, but now we need you! We still need to desperately fundraise for our team! We have expenses for our upcoming meets and other financial needs. We need team participation! TEAMWORK divides the task and multiplies the success!

Athletes are asked to send 20 contact numbers/emails to send out donation requests.

Friday, February 19th, we will be meeting with the Blast Athletic representatives to start our XC online fundraiser. We will have a shorter time period to fundraise, but we will do our best. Click here to print out our fundraising flyer. Please have the form completed and bring this to practice on Friday, 2/19. We ask that athletes come to practice with 20 contact numbers/emails to send out.

Also, please have your athlete wear their black Glendora XC shirt or a Glendora shirt to practice if they have one.

Directions for Fundraiser

Create a list of potential sponsors and enter them into the Fundraiser page on the Blast Athletics App or!

1. Download the Blast Athletics App or register for an account at

2. Check your email for account confirmation.

3. Each Parent and Athlete needs their own account. (Athletes must upload a profile picture (of themselves only).

4. Click the yellow “Invite Sponsors” button.

5. Enter your contacts and submit this list of contacts to your coach. 6. Blast Athletics is used for schedules, communication, photos, videos, announcements, and more. 1) First, enter every Parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, and Godparent. 2) Additional Contacts include Family Friends, Extended Family, Dentists, Orthodontists, Former Coaches, Coworkers, and Neighbors.

*Do Not Include: Anyone under 21, Current Coaches or Teachers

*Important: No contact information is shared, sold or used for any other purposes by Blast Athletics other than this fundraiser. Contacts will receive one immediate donation request and 3-4 reminders via text or email.

Any questions contact Wendy Cadima or Alexandria Cooper at

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