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GHS Track & Field Picture Day - April 6th @ 3:00 pm

GHS Track & Field Picture Day is coming!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

Location: Glendora High School Track (Subject to Change)

DoN't FoRgEt to BRinG YoUR UNifoRm- New white singlet & black shorts! Order forms will be sent home with the athletes on Monday. Please make sure you have your order form with payment if you'd like additional pictures. Yary Photography will be taking a picture of every athlete. They will use Photoshop to create a team photo from the individual pics, so please don't miss!

Order Instructions:

1) Fill out ALL your order information on envelope (these will be passed out to athletes at practice on 4/5).

2) Select your order Option

  • #1 Single Individual Pose Option - FREE

  • #2 Multi Individual Pose Option - $5

  • #3 Buddy Image - $5

  • #4 Group Image Only - FREE

3) Insert Cash payment if applicable. NO CHANGE IS PROVIDED.

4) Bring your envelope filled out, with EXACT PAYMENT enclosed and hand to the photographer on picture day.

5) All group and individual images will be available online after photo day. An email and/or text will be sent to the contact information you provided on envelop.

Go to and click on Online Orders at the top to view photos after photo day. Search for "Glendora" then choose Glendora Cross Country, An email and/or text will be sent to the contact information you provide to access the photos.

For Questions or concerns contact Yary: 1.800.874.9200

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